Co-Founder's bios

Margie Yee

Margie's first job as a home health aide was when she was a teenager.  She recalls serving three clients.  She assisted with companionship, and light housekeeping.  

Later, in her college years, she was offered a caregiver position with an elderly woman who had dementia.  This position turned into a live-in caregiving position and duties included:  companionship and grocery shopping.  This experience gave her great joy - especially, the companionship component.  

In her mid twenties, Margie joined a team of volunteers providing piano playing for a church service held in a nursing home.  This ministry lasted six years.  

Fast forward to when our children were teenagers, Margie applied for and was hired in July 2011 as a caregiver for a national franchise home care agency headquartered in Atascadero.  She  began working for a client in September 2011, and is currently employed by this same national franchise home care agency. Her duties include: companionship, grocery shopping, dressing, grooming, light housekeeping, medication reminders, ambulation, transportation, and meal preparation.   

Margie is also currently employed as a personal care aide at a facility serving less than independent elderly residents.  Her duties include:  companionship, meal set up, and clean up.

Margie has served as Home Care Aide at Christian Love Home Care for over a year.  Her duties include: companionship,  light housekeeping, ambulation, shopping, medication reminders, transportation, meal preparation,  and meal set up.   

Bradley Yee

In late October 2015, in order to make ends meet and to gain more hands on elder caregiving experience, Bradley applied for and was hired as a caregiver for an assisted living community with 12 – 15 residents.   
Bradley currently works the evening shifts providing roughly

For most of the year, Bradley worked 21 – 32.5 hours a week of personal care assistance to these less independent and disabled residents.  With business picking up, Bradley currently works between 11 - 16.5 hours a week at this assisted living community.  This experience has proven to be an abundant source of understanding for the following:

Facilitating Activities of Daily Living –
  Serving food

Bradley has developed hands-on competence in these areas:
Assist with companionship, light housekeeping duties, monitor meals, provide detail oriented personal care,  keep rooms tidy, turn or lift residents, utilize hoyer lifts, develop and maintain physical stamina, transfer residents– move in and out of beds, showers, or wheel chairs, assist with ambulation, ensure safe conditions: adjusting bed rails, properly engage and monitor tab, bed and floor alarms, utilize gait belts, change linens, and record daily caregiver notes. 

Key Skill Set Development includes:
  Using creative inter-personal skills
  Utilize time management skills
  Utilize conflict resolution – maintain pleasant work
     environment for the residents and staff
  Understanding how to promote residential dignity,
     including end of life dignity
  Understanding behavioral changes
  Understanding proper hydration. 

Prior to co-founding Christian Love Home Care with Margie, Bradley served in the public educator sector for 21 years.  Bradley is a graduate of San Jose State University, Patten University and has also completed the Home Care Manager Certificate Program with the California Association for Health Services at Home.