Characteristics and Values

Our Characteristics

We served our first client in 2015

Just who could you be working with? Our management team has hundreds of hours of caregiver experience. 

  • We’ve worked for a local non-medical agency, assisted living facilities and our company.
  • Non-medical, in-home elderly care
  • Memory care at assisted living facilities
  • Intellectually and developmentally disabled adults

You can trust our work.  Our caregivers have worked dozens of hours.  This can give you peace of mind.   

We’re problem solvers 

We’ll listen to your concerns.  Follow through is important to us.  You can develop confidence in us because we do what we say we’re going to do.  A safety culture helps us all.  We use the following to keep safety and quality at the forefront of our service:

  • Strong observational skills
  • Identify risks
  • Communicate
  • Listen
  • Ask questions
  • Know the care plan well
  • Complete tasks effectively

We understand that life happens.  Cars break down, grocery store lines are long due to COVID-19, and water wells need routine maintenance.  We’re flexible.  Want to change the order of activities completed in a shift?  No problem.  Lunch on the patio instead of inside?  No problem.  Drive around the lake instead of to the coast?  No problem.  We give our caregivers a lot of leeway.  We’ve learned that persistence helps solve most problems.  We have the experience to face the day to day challenges.  We lead by example.  That’s what makes us different.  Our leadership team has a proven track record of helping our caregivers perform at top performance.  We’ve learned from our co-workers and bosses how to raise the bar for quality and be more efficient.  We’ve learned a whole ton of best practices working with clients and their families.      


Caregivers are the key to an exceptional home care experience.  When you have the right caregiver it makes all the difference.  They can make you the star of the show.   It will ease your caregiver burden. 

A family caregiver may think: How can an agency caregiver give my elder loved one the same care and love I give my elder loved one?

The following are our caregiver traits and skills which may bring you piece of mind:

Build rapport, bond quickly

Our caregivers quickly build rapport.  It begins with the first time they meet your family.  They’ll begin to look for things in common.  They love to listen.  Building rapport is like a balm.  Walking the journey with your caregiver is smoother because of it. 

Good caregiving skills, including observation skills

We hire caregivers who are people savvy.  They are constantly learning caregiving skills. 

Our caregivers constantly assess your elder loved one:

  • Their response to their normal routine 
  • How they respond to greetings
  • Their initial interactions
  • They know when their client is not up to par. They’ll report it so that your elder loved one receives the best care.


Your elder loved one may face new challenges.  These include losing: their physical capabilities, friends and loved ones, and some of their independence.  Our caregivers imagine how that would feel.  They show your elder loved one empathy.  It’s a powerful way to connect.  Thus, your elder loved one will feel understood and loved.   


You have our whole team behind you.  Making that decision to get help will be one of the best decisions you can make.  It will thwart a lone ranger mindset.  You’ll feel less overwhelmed at times.  For example, you could be feeling a bit run down.  Or you have an important project coming up and need some alone time.  How nice to know you have backup.  So you can focus on what you need to.  Or just rest.  You’ll see.  Your mood will perk up.  Give yourself permission to get help.   Contact us.   We’ll ease the caregiver burden you feel. 

Our Values