Our Difference

Our Difference


This is our Unique Value Proposition.  It is the best way in which we can ease Caregiver Burden.  Highly personalized services are customized for family caregivers and their loved ones.  The spotlight is on you, because you are the star of your show!  From the get go, we learn your family routines, preferences and ways to assist.  We constantly keep a keen eye out for how to personalize our services for your highest satisfaction. 

Licensed, Bonded, DOJ background check, insured

We are a licensed Home Care Organization by the California Department of Social Services Home Care Services Bureau.  We carry business insurance, workers’ compensation insurance and we’re bonded. 

Our caregivers are our employees and are listed on the Home Care Aide Registry.  This way our supervision is integrated with our business strategy for quality control. 

How we hire our caregivers

Hired caregivers complete a full background check by the California Department of Justice.  We employ a rigorous screening checklist which includes employees aligning with our company characteristics and values. They are self starters.  They consider their job as a way to honor and serve families.  Our caregivers are matched to your loved one based on personality and skills match. 

Supervision and Teamwork

Our Client Care Coordinator has 20+ years of experience with elder population. Co-Founders administrators have hundreds of hands on hours of experience working with diverse adult populations (in-home care, memory care in assisted living, persons with a developmental disability.)  Our technology features clock in/out using secure GPS mobile app or client’s phone.  This same secure mobile app allows for documentation of tasks completed.  We can share information with responsible parties if client signs a HIPAA release.