Our Clients

Our Clients

Who are they?

We believe that most family caregivers experience some degree of caregiver burden for their elderly loved one.  Our non-medical, in-home caregivers provide personalized care so caregiver burden is eased.  Family caregivers typically live with their elder loved one.  Elderly loved one, who needs help with Companionship, Homemaking or Personal Care.  Our services benefit both the family caregiver and their elderly loved one. 

Where do they live?

Mainly in the cities of the North County of San Luis Obispo County, California, but also in the coastal cities of San Luis Obispo County. 

What type of services do they need?

Companionship, list found here.

Homemaking, list found here.

Personal Care, list found here.

How often do they need assistance?

Could be as little as one hour per week.  Our average client we serve for 20 hours or less.  At this time, we do not provide night shifts (11 am – 7am). 

How do they pay?

Private pay or If they have a long term care insurance plan, private pay, then get reimbursed by Long Term Care Insurance Company.

Challenges family caregivers are facing?

Not having the physical, mental and emotional strength to provide consistent family caregiving.  Family caregivers may also face these challenges:

  • time management issues – juggling part time or full time work or other family, community responsibilities
  • stress of many hours of family caregiving
  • the need for meaningful time away from caregiving – alone time, or time to maintain social interaction with friends or other family or time for exercise or hobbies
  • not having the skills for increased caregiving tasks for elder loved one