Homemaking – Common tasks in an around the home. Our caregivers ensure that systems in the home are safely maintainted, and an efficient, and that it remains a beautiful place to age in place.  It relieves caregiver burden by sharing in the household tasks.  

Grocery shopping

  • A dependable supply of fresh fruits and vegetables helps elders with nutrition and wellness – truly vital for aging in place
  • Grocery shopping requires bending, lifting and stamina
  • Many grocery stores report that patrons need to allocate more time to shop with COVID – 19 social distancing requirements.  When our caregivers grocery shop, it frees up time for family caregivers
  • For many grocery stores, masks are required making this job best left to caregivers
  • Helps with the feeling of independence when elders can assist with making their own food list for caregivers to grocery shop from

Light House Cleaning

  • When things are put in their place there is order and life is simplified 
  • Eliminates tripping and other safety hazards
  • A key consideration - cleanliness is always a benefit; however, amidst COVID – 19 it is essential
  • When our caregivers provide light house keeping, it saves you the time and effort needed for vacuuming, sweeping, wiping down and sanitizing surfaces
  • Keeps allergens down

Kitchen cleaning 

  • Food preparation and nutrition is such a big component of wellness
  • Consistent sanitation is a must. A clean kitchen including kitchen organization contributes to wellness
  • Washing pots and pans and loading and emptying the dishwasher can be cumbersome for elders
  • Family caregivers benefit because a considerable amount of clean up time is saved after meals when our caregivers perform this task
  • Kitchen/dining areas are often focal point of entertaining others.  A clean kitchen sends a strong welcome message to visitors

Bedroom cleaning 

  • Elders sleep there approximately one third of their days or more.  It makes sense to keep it clean
  • Our caregivers make it organized and uncluttered, which reduces stress
  • It is for good sleep hygiene and routines
  • Helps save time when elders can find things quickly
  • A set bedroom cleaning schedule prevents allergens

Bathroom cleaning

  • Bathroom slips account for more elder falls and injuries than anywhere else in the home.  One fall can devastate an elder
  • Bending to disinfect and scrub floors and toilets can prove to be taxing
  • When a bathroom is regularly cleaned, it prevents bacteria/virus/pathogens which may cause illness
  • Reduces offensive odors
  • Reduces messy clutter

Making meals

  • Your elder may not be able to cook by themselves due to health conditions
  • With caregiver assistance, they can still enjoy home cooked meals
  • Preparing healthy meals takes love and a time committment
  • Preparing healthy meals takes love and time and your elder may identify with foods and meal preparation
  • Caregivers aware of: healthy choices, budget friendly meals, and how to accommodate meals


  • Lifting, sorting, folding, and putting laundered items away can tire an elder
  • Caregivers become adept at handling laundry on a regular schedule
  • It helps with keeping allergens down thus improving health
  • When caregivers do laundry, it frees up time for your whole family
  • Clean clothes helps your elder’s self- image and mood

Making beds

  • Brings order to an elder’s day
  • Relieves stress
  • Our caregivers are willing and able to take on the task which may challenge elders or family caregivers
  • Untidy bed can sap your emotional energy.  A tidy bed may have the opposite effect.