Companionship - cameraderie and emotional support which helps your elder one to thrive.

Our caregivers help relieve the caregiver burden you feel by focusing on safety in all areas of caregiving and conversing with your loved one.  They’ll provide emotional support and encouragement.

Serving Food and providing meal conversation and companionship

  • Meaningful company and conversation during meal time
  • Interesting new topics of discussion promotes good feelings during meal time
  • Great time to discuss highlights of the day or to look forward to future activities/events
  • Relaxed conversation reinforces the connectedness the elder has to their caregiver and family

Board games, online memory games and social interaction

  • Elder’s minds benefit from participating in frequent board games – keeps it nimble
  • A fun pastime, it promotes problem solving and thinking skills
  • It prevents memory loss and relieves stress
  • When games involve teams, there is togetherness and a common goal – fun! 
  • Online memory games add to the intrigue and adventure

Good cup of coffee or tea

  • It’s a relaxing time of day, something to look forward to
  • Promotes camaraderie and conversation
  • An invigorating time of belongingness
  • One of the more casual times of the day, where dialogue and bonding flow freely
  • Family caregivers naturally can focus on other things during this time

Photobook memories, nostalgia

  • It’s a walk down their own memory lane, highlighting their legacy  which is meant to be shared
  • It sparks interesting conversation resulting in positive feelings
  • Common themes include accomplishment, overcoming challenges and love of family
  • There is a connectedness that helps elders process their history
  • Our caregivers are skilled at patiently listening and asking just the right questions to draw out your elder’s remarkable memories


  • Fresh air does wonders for the mind, promotes good feelings
  • Getting out is vital for elderly to enjoy independence
  • Provides a change of scenery, senses perk up
  • Outings remind elders that they are part of the fabric of society

Keeping in touch with friends and loved ones online

  • In the new reality of stay at home COVID-19,  virtual visits highlight safety
  • Opens up new opportunities to communicate with family and friends 
  • Caregivers can help navigate the digital communications technology
  • Face to face (on screen) communications brightens their day, bringing joy
  • Adheres to social distancing, yet can be a vital life line of communication
  • Opens up possibilities for tele health instead of in person doctor’s office visits