Getting Started

Getting Started


It begins with a phone call to us.  We’ll listen to some of the challenges you’re facing regarding care of your elder loved one.  We’ll learn specific areas you could use help in – specifically the tasks we could help you with.  We’ll schedule a free, no obligation assessment.  At this in person assessment, our Client Care Coordinator will listen in more detail with family and family caregivers regarding what challenges they face with caring for their elder loved one. 

Learning (Your Daily Routine)

We’ll learn the daily routine of your elder loved ones.  Their interests, preferences and personal tastes.  Everything from favorite meals to what type of activities they enjoy.  We’ll also learn about the daily routines of family caregivers when providing care for the elderly loved one.  As a family caregiver, you'll learn how many hands and hearts can make the caregiver burden a little lighter.  

Care Plan

With help from the family caregiver(s) and the elder loved one, we put together a care plan.  This plan spells out what type of tasks and support we can provide, to ease caregiver burden. 

Team Work

You’ll get introduced to your caregiver and Client Care Coordinator.  Now you have a team that you’re part of!  You no longer have to feel like you’re caregiving alone.  You can get some rest, and also focus on other things.  When you return to family caregiving, you'll likely return with renewed energy.